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PDA Medical software

With the development of information technology, PDA (personal digital assistant) becomes increasingly popular among medical professionals. PDA is a handheld device that combines internet access, personal organizer, tele/fax features. The portability of PDA enables doctors to access information anytime, anywhere they want.Thus more and more specialized PDA software are exploited for medical practice.

PDA medical software is a kind of application software specially designed for PDA devices. Palm OS software and Pocket PC software are two popular systems respectively made by Palmone and Microsoft . It benefits doctors and nurses in multiple ways. First of all, it makes daily medical practice more efficient by its comprehensive functions.
Second, the medical data are more secure than ever with PDA medical software. Advanced encryption and access permission set on parameters give you different level of security. Comply with HIPPA, the software guarantee more secure medical process.
Synchronization is so important in a PDA that most PDA vendors exploit the powerful functions in their software. Based on the Internet and wireless connective technology of Bluetooth and Infrared (IR), PDA medical software gives doctors and nurses a universal accessibility to updated information. They can synchronize with their PC for patient and clinical information outside their office from their PDAs,.

PDA medical software contains a large number of categories. According to different functions, they can be approximately divided into office work and database.
Office work function is an extension from your PC in office. The software has a function of keyboard, image and handwritten recognization and signature. You can also search, move, copy, export, print, and beam records from PC to PDA or between PDAs.
As for document processing, a document reader, such as iSilo or Installbuddy, can easily convert your desktop document to your PDA. You can view and edit Microsoft? Office documents, Adobe? PDF files, Web pages and others documents on your Palm without little or no change in formatting.

Download PDA Software (eg. Bakerman's ABC's of Interpretive Laboratory Data)

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  • McGraw-Hill medical publishing also offers a nice free PDA package designed for medical students:
    Diagnosaurus - helps build differential diagnosis list
  • General PDA medical program references.
  • Medical Software for offices and medical practices.

Most PDA medical software provides preprogrammed formulas and advanced math & logarithmic functions as an accurate calculator. And they also support the management functions of coding and billing in your palm.

Another useful function is that PDA medical software supply dictionaries, drug guides and other necessary references. General or specialized medical vocabulary, abbreviation, laboratory values, poisoning, toxicology, medical interaction and dosing are all available on your PDA.

Besides the above features, you can find other useful functions like patient tracking, study aids and utilities in some PDA medical software. Some PDA medical software is designed catering for different usage and clients. They can be classified by specialties such as anesthesiology, cardiology, internal/ general medicine and pediatrics, or for a specific group of people, doctors, nurses and medical students and so on.
Consumers can get free or commercial PDA medical software as complete package or individually. Make sure that your PDA meets the hardware requirement for example, bluetooth and IR before purchase, and consult further questions about after-sale service and updating if necessary.