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Medisoft Medical Billing Software

Medisoft medical billing software is widely used medical software in the U.S. It is designed for medical professionals in hospitals, medical offices, and billing service companies. Medisoft optimizes your medical processes and improves efficiencies, which in return strengthens the value you provide to patients.

?? HIPPA security readiness
HIPPA is the most influential law in the health industry, which intends to simplify the health administration and transaction, improves the security of exchange and access, as well as protects the privacy of health information.
Medisoft medical billing software is HIPPA security ready. Besides the enhanced password security, the function of Auto Log Off could prevent the unauthorized access to information by automatically logging off after idling. The Warn on Unapproved Code can recogniaze a non-HIPPA compliant procedure and diagnosis code and give the warning. In addition, HIPPA unique identifiers such as NPI (National Provider Identification), EIN (Employer Identification Number; Patient Identifier) and Health Plan, which might be required later have been integrated to Medisoft medical billing software.

?? Simplifying Accounting
Medisoft makes your accounting easier by automatically matching payment with charges. The complete and detailed patient account activity including aging charges and payments can also be reviewed with on-screen Patient Ledgers. Medisoft billing software has a new easy-to-use transaction window, in which you can input, output, track and manage a transaction process in one screen.

?? Speeding Insurance Billing
Medisoft stores multiple types of different commercial or government medical insurance carriers, including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many others. You can print standard HCFA-1500 insurance claim forms or customized forms. It creates accurate electrical or paper claims and reports, sends them directly to insurance carriers and customers and keeps tracking of the claim..
Using a clearing house to prevent errors, reduce claim rejections and raise acceptance, you can achieve the goal of saving time and money while increasing your revenue. Moreover, Medisoft billing software is compatible with other claim software.

?? Streamlining Management
You can use the Patient Analysis Report in Medisoft medical billing software to summarize the information on transaction, account, payment, charge and billing.
Scheduling appointment is a day-to-day task in medical offices, but Medisoft can save you time in managing appointment. That included patient scheduling program and Office Hours software to optimize bookings and minimize mistakes. Doctors and patients can be informed electrically or in letter forms by its automatic recall system for arranged visits.
Medisoft billing software also ensures different levels of security by providing different accessible rights.

Medisoft medical billing software is windows software but with relatively lower hardware requirements. NDC Health is now announcing its NDCMedisoft Version 10 which includes Medisoft Advanced (single user) and Medisoft Network Professional, and you can download a free demo now.