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Medical Record Software

Years ago, most hospitals use the database software like Microsoft Access to record and manage their large number of medical records. But it has changed, since the more powerful medical record software is widely used in the medical practices. Medical Record Software is professional data management system of electronic files, specially designed for hospitals, clinics and other medical service providers.

Compared to previous system, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software benefits both the medical service providers and the patients in ways of efficiency, security and profitability. EMR reduces the time and money on paperwork before and improves service qualiy of patient care. And thus it decreases cost and increases revenue. Complying with HIPPA, HL7 (I need some explanation here) and other regulations, EMR software guarantee a more secure medical process and reduces probability of medical malpractice.

Besides the basic function of records storage, EMR software has more comprehensive functions than previous software in office management, patient care management and document .

Office Management
EMR software maintains a complete patient history of treatment, schedules the visits, bills the insurance companies, tracks the financial information, etc. Its powerful error-shooting and automatic handwriting or voice and image recognition function make a great reduction in manual errors of missing, incomplete and mistaken information. Moreover, you will find other office software functions in EMR such as importing and exporting data, viewing or printing records, e-mailing or faxing.
EMR software effectively simplify the office work and streamline the workflow in many aspects. You can use the standard templates or customize your own, and then its intellectual input system and interface would collaborate with other system to avoid redundant data entry. Its centralization management of records facilitates communication among different departments and saves plenty of time.

Patient care Management
Electronic medical record software emancipates doctors from complicated and trivial filing work. Some advanced EMR systems such as, Medicware and OmniMD, enable universal accessibility to the documents. With the Internet and wireless technology, authorized users can access the records from a desktop at home or a Palm device on the road. When it comes to daily paperwork for the doctors, EMR provides more efficient and easier management system. You can search a specific record across multiple parameters such as name, number, date or diagnosis. In the process of analysis and prescription, EMR offers doctors with powerful guidelines based on lab testing results, pharmacy database and previous prescriptions, etc. These database system ensure doctors make a reliable and accurate judgment on a specific case.
As for the patients, the records are updated timely in EMR. Moreover, the more intellectual EMR system like SoftAid EHR can send notices and distribute educational materials to patients according to their diagnosis and treatment.

Document Management
EMR provides a comprehensive database of patients, including medical history, visits, allergy, prescriptions, medications, insurance, etc. It indexes, uploads and downloads data in multiple file formats. At the same time, this powerful storage establishes a foundation for future medical studies.
In addition, most of todays EMR software is user-friendly and affordable. The software companies will usually offer training and technical support for customers. In most cases, you can download a free demo to try it before purchase.

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