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Medical Transcription Software

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is a process of transforming writen or dictated medical information into permanent, legible and uniform keyboarded form, such as electronic files, computer files or even a type writer. Medical transcriptionist produces medical documents from medical records, hospital reports or even doctor's office notes.

Manual medical transcription costs practitioners a lot of time and money to create detailed notes、dictation or records. Is there any other solution? Fortunately, It is replaced by medical transcription software. Because of the development of computer science, medical transcription software can release people from manual transcription.

Medical transcription software makes physicians more efficient in composing dictation. Generally, people without special training can type about 40 words per minute, and speak three times as that fast. Obviously, it saves a lot of time if physicians make dictation by speaking other than typing or writing. It transcribes voice dictations into documents automatically. Further more, with a high accuracy, Medical transcription software has proved to make fewer errors than typing.

Moreover, the software also recognizes voice files. A practitioner can record his voice by microphone、telephone、PDA devices、personal computers or other digital recorders. This brings to physicians more convenience. As soon as the medical transcription software captures voice files, it begins to transcribe immediately.

To create detailed notes、dictation or records manually, healthcare practitioners or doctors have to pay more than ten thousand dollars a year in average. Medical transcription software costs much less, since it only costs about 10% as manual transcription does. More over, medical transcription software finishes the conversion in such a short time that the speed is limited by computers’ capacity. This instantaneous transcription saves physicians both time and money, therefore increases the profit margin.

Medical transcription software outputs various document format. The software can reserve the dictation in Microsoft office、WordPerfect 、PDF or other formats according to user ’s preference.

The utilization of wireless network has equipped medical transcription software with new functions. Physicians can dictate anywhere as long as the network is accessible. This makes them more productive, and gives them more flexibility to arrange their schedules. Correspondingly, the software can easily send the recorded dictation to wherever the physicians want. Physicians are only one step away from their offices.

Some medical transcription software is compatible to other medical software, and this is the trend of its future development. The integration of medical transcription software with other software applications accelerates the whole workflow. It would be beneficial to both practitioners and patients.