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Medical Dictionary Software

Medical dictionary software is served as a platform, which can satisfy ones demands for medical field. You can gain comprehensive information and definitions covering almost all specialties and fields of medicine: medical terminology, pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, medical abbreviations and so on.

It can include print-version texts of several authoritative medical dictionaries synchronously. And it has all strongpoint of general electronic medical dictionary, for example, holding powerful medical terminology, applying expediently, demanding fleetly.

Besides all, it can make use of Internet to extend its information from others sites and platform to satisfying user better. Also the database can be updated continuously through Internet connection.

There are two ways of getting the medical dictionary software: buying CD, downloading online. After you get it, you need to install. Generally, installation is quick and easy. After a couple of clicks, you can use it freely.

  • The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary
  • Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations
  • Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary