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Lytec Medical Billing Software

First of all, Lytec medical billing software is a program that can be installed on your computer and can store all of the data you entered about your medical bills. And the software is based on windows, which has very friendly interface for users, so any person who has a little knowledge about computer operations can use this software skillfully only after a short time. It is mainly used by medical offices, chiropractors, dentists and medical billing management.

For healthy care, it can benefit your practice by giving you a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between all your agencies and branches because it can work on the internet. It can also improve your relationship with your patients because of the high efficiency and convenience of your work, so at a certain extent, it can lead your practice to the edge of success. This advantage is both for personal and health care industry.
With this software you can disposal, maintain, and process all of your data in the medical practice effectively and accurately. Concretely, it has the following benefits:
First, it can provide a better management of your accounts receivable. With its advanced electronic claims functionality, it can simplify the process of insurance claims. According to the patient registration and appointment scheduling Lytec can automatically identify patient and insurance balances, so it also guarantee that your receivables can never be past due. The last reason for its better management of accounts receivables is that it can recognize the older receivables and find the hidden problems and then help you to take action to collect.

Second, it is more efficient. Because it can make you an appointment scheduling, you can save much time. This is very clear for many people to understand. And when registering, the patients can easily input their data because of the streamline screen. It can easily insert patient to a wait list to fill cancelled appointments in time. All of the above can account for the software’s efficiency.

Thirdly, it can help you analyze your business in a better way. On one hand, its capability of reporting allows you to confirm the profitability of your referring physician network. On the other hand, it can help you to discern the trend in your practice through diagnosis and procedure code analysis.

Finally, it spends more time on patient. This software can store data and carry one’s information during the whole transaction, so it avoids to type and retype the same information repeatedly, saving a lot of time. During the appointment scheduling it can remind you the referrals and authorizations by pop-up windows. And you can also access the data and time of the forthcoming patient instantly. All of these aspects can give you more time to focus on your patient. So it can improve your work efficiency.
As a whole, this software offers you electronic billing, collection, appointment scheduling, patients’ statements, cancellation or no-show letters and so on. And most importantly, it’s very flexible for you to choose whether send electronic or paper claims from your computer, that is to say, it only depends on your interest. At last, you can download this software at any time and at any place as long as your computer can connect into the internet, and you can upgrade it online at any moment.