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Athenahealth is a well-known e-health company to handle mainly processing and billing services for doctors and hospitals. The company relies on web-based back-office operations and provides healthcare practitioners in the aid of combining professional insurance specialists, direct connectivity linking customers to payers.

Athenahealth does not inted to be a software supplier, but a flexible subscription service partners for healthcare practitioners. Athenahealth charges much less than the traditional services for the saving on up-front licensing cost and hardware leasing fee. Athenahealth also provides 12 Cweek training to your staff,, including software training, set-up of high speed internet through an ISP, etc.

Athenaheath offers several medical group office automation subscription services, as well as related services such as Athena Billing Services. Athena Billing Services can be divided into four types, which can caters to different medical groupsneeds.

is Athenahealths most powerful revenue cycle and practice management solution. It can combine the technologies of award-winning software, proprietary claims knowledge and business services together, which gives AthenaCollector the incomparable advantages over the other products. As a close partner, AthenaCollector services improve payment speed, maximize revenue, minimized days in AR, and prevent denials with practice activity in real time.

The services include claim submission, insurance package management, electronic eligibility verification, payment posting, claim follow-up, denial management, etc. the software procedure executer enhances the control extension and decision-making systematization