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Athenahealth Billing Service

Athenahealth is one of the largest revenue cycle management companies for healthcare practices in the U.S. As declared in its mission statement, Athenahealth aims to become the most trusted and effective business service provider for physicians. Unlike traditional medical systems, it provides a combined subscription service of practice management, billing and collection through the Internet.

The most significant benefit you get from athenahealth is significant cost saving. As a subscription service, all you need to start with athenahealth is a PC, a browser and the broadband connection. Besides the saving cost for hardware installing, athenahealth provides more services with less charges than other companies. Without the charges for license, maintenance and updating, you only need to pay a minimal monthly service and a one-time implementation fee. In addition, your practice is more secure with athenahealth stringent security measures.

Athenahealth provides several medical group office automation subscription services to meet the specific needs of its clients, such as athenaCollectorTM, athenaEnterpriseTM, athenabasicPlusTM, etc. And there are three major capabilities that support these services: athenaNet, athenaRules, and athenaLink. The result is that the healthcare practitioners can more focus on health and care rather than complexities of business and administrative work.

Medical billing is one of the core activities in athenahealth. And there exists a billing athenahealth centre which is especially dealing with its billing service.
One important platform powering the large variety of billing services like athenaCollectorTM and athenabasicPlusTM is athenaNet. It is a web-based system which gives users a universal access to the utilization of application and awareness of critical information.

  • Another basis is athenaRules, a rule engine contains a wide range of detailed knowledge about rules of claims, diagnosis, procedures, codings as well as a given insurance and payer. The rules engine is maintained by billing experts and will be updated in real time whenever a new regulation is identified. Then all claims are screened by the new one.
  • Eligibility is verified by athenaNet 3 days in advance of patient visits and the ineligible can be automatically flagged and stored in record.
  • Athenahealth submit claims daily, in which 80% are electronic submission. It generates prints and submits all patient statement and claims according to the specific rules in order to reduce errors and increase accuracy. In the end, claim acknowledgement was delivered to confirm receipts.
  • The billing centre tracks the history, submission and posting of each claim, and follows up the unpaid claims. It contains specific insurance requirements and checks the regulations before submitting to prevent denials. When denials do occurs, it will update the athenaNet.
  • Time for data entry is saved by athenahealth remittance scanning and posting services
  • All these process are guaranteed by athenahealth Minimum Service Commitment
  • Athenahealth is a full HIPPA compliance which continuously monitors its developments and other regulations, so that your claim is sent faster and more acceptable than other systems.

As a fast-growing company in healthcare, athenahealth will provides more and more high-quality and customized billing service for healthcare practice.